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What is the point of having a pergola?

For a casual, open-air setting with a variety of uses, a pergola can be an amazing addition to your home. You may be thinking, what is the point of having a pergola? Whether you’re looking for an additional space for outdoor entertainment, or to provide reliable and stylish shelter for your sensitive garden plants, having a pergola can really add that extra oomph and pizzaz to your backyard that you’ve been looking for.

But what makes a good pergola, you might ask? If you’re looking into getting a pergola for your Melbourne home, it only makes sense that you’ll be wondering what types of materials, brands, and designs will not only match your home, but ensure that you are getting value for your money by having a sturdy and durable addition to your home installed. After all, you have to be able to use it for years to come to get the most out of your investment.

Good Melbourne pergolas are different from your run of the mill pergolas available on the market when you consider the quality of its base materials, it’s manufacturing standards, as well as the variety of designs available. These are the most important factors to consider especially when you are wanting something that matches well with your existing home exterior design while still being high quality. When it comes to materials, pergolas made with high tensile steel is your best bet! Not only will this ensure a strong Melbourne pergola that won’t rust or fade, but when manufactured properly like Stratco pergolas are, you can rest assured of the quality and longevity of your outdoor space, no matter what you’re using it for. What’s more, having pergolas made from steel provides you with a larger colour range to choose from, too, ensuring that you can find the perfect shade and design for your requirements, no matter what they may be. Looking to add climbing plants to your beams to boost that whimsical feel? Go for lighter coloured shades to provide beautiful contrast to your greenery, for example.

Trending pergola designs and ideas include transparent pergolas, skew shapes, cantilevers, and the like. But if you’re wondering what designs can stand the test of time, it’s always best to go with the classics! Not only will they look timeless and stylish throughout the years, but it will most certainly go with your current home design no matter what aesthetic you’ve chosen. That’s why it’s a classic!

If you’re still wondering about the details of your new home addition, consult with a local Melbourne pergola builder to find out what pergola styles will work best for your home and your needs. It’s important to find a highly qualified builder with in-depth experience installing different types of pergolas, so that your new outdoor space is created not just with expertise, but with care, too.

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